Monday, 13 August 2007

Lookit Muy (for what else can the title be?)

I should peer out from under life’s gray straightjacket a little more often, because I almost always end up getting clocked across the jaw by a gun butt of pure, uncut sunshine.

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That’s right! New series! Woot woot! *mixing it up*

To the other, non-Australian reader of this blog, I implore you…familiarize yourself with the bottomless well of asthma-attack gasp-laughter that is Kath & Kim . Post-haste. I haven't been so delighted from down under since I was eleven and Paul Hogan corrected my fellow countrymen’s typically-inferior knife-identification skills.

Plus, this little tidbit of information

…the fourth season will introduce characters played by…Little Britain's Matt Lucas

made me emit the involuntary, ecstatic moan of a rapture frenzy which is not always advisable in an open-plan office situation but I am JUST! THAT!! EXCITED!!!

Happy legal viewing, Australia! And to the rest of us…by any means necessary, okay?*


*I do not officially condone the viewing of ill-gotten torrents hint hint wink wink call me I'll love you forever.


Smonson said...

Having the comedy programmes of my undercooked cultural heritage supported - and even actively ENDORSED - by a noble Briton, those Kings and Queens of hilarious television... It brings a joyful tear to my eye.

KerstinMSD said...

Are you kidding me? This show makes me want to marry Australia.

Smonson said...

I hope that you have also seen The Chaser's War On Everything, then - it seems like it's your "type". Link attached.

KerstinMSD said...

"It's a safety issue."
"Is the coffee that bad?"